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We love magazines and we love to travel. In every country we travelled to, we discovered new publications that were not available in Switzerland. That's why we founded loremnotipsum.com in 2010. Our goal is to offer really cool magazines from all over the world in one common place with worldwide shipping.

Period Zine Issue 8 – loremnotipsum.com
Period Zine Issue 8
Boy.Brother.Friend Magazine Issue 4 – loremnotipsum.com
Boy.Brother.Friend Issue 4
Fantastic Man Magazine Issue 36 – loremnotipsum.com
Fantastic Man Issue 36

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Hot off the press

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    Luncheon Magazine – Issue 15

    Luncheon Magazine Issue 15 is here and features three covers: Divine Mugisha wears Alaïa, photographed by Nadine Ijewere, styled by Nell Kalonji, 2023 / ‘Kitchen. Kensington Motel, Santa Monica, Los Angeles’ polaroid by Robby Müller, 1985 / Sihana Shalaj wears Comme Des Garçons, photographed by Paolo Roversi, styled by Robbie Spencer, 2023
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    Ursula Magazine – Issue 8

    Ursula Magazine Issue 8 is the first theme issue and celebrates the time-honored affinities between poets and artists. A collaboration with The Poetry Project in New York, organized by Nicole Eisenman and featuring a riotous painting by Eisenman on the cover, the issue gathers new work by a dozen distinguished poets.
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    The Weekender Nr. 40 (Deutsch)

    The Weekender Nr. 40 (Deutsch) ist erhältlich bei LOREM (not Ipsum). Die Sommerausgabe nimmt Dich mit auf Mallorca, Kalymnos, nach Berlin, Scarborough, Leipzig, Antwerpen und London.
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    The Plant Magazine – Issue 19

    The Plant Magazine Issue 19 is here and features Virginie Benarroch & Peter Jordanov, Maureen Paley and the Moon, Drew Wickers, Bless by Dal Chodha & Stella Berkofsky, Marcelo Gomes, Flaminia Veronesi, Kerry J. Dean on Future Thinkers, Diana Kennedy, Precious Okoyomon by Brigitte Lacombe, Annie Collinge & Rottingdean Bazaar, Tom Johnson at Chubut Valley.
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  • Apartamento Magazine – Issue 31

    Apartamento Magazine Issue 31 is here. This issue of Apartamento magazine promises to be a special one, with a cover featuring artwork by the Danish painter Tal R, interviewed in the issue alongside his partner, writer Emma Rosenzweig, by our editor Robbie Whitehead. There are two different spine designs, with work by Italian painters Lucia Di Luciano and Giovanni Pizzo.
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    Transhelvetica 77 – Wald

    Die neue Transhelvetica 77 (Wald) ist da. Wenn die Sommersonne vom Himmel brennt, dann gehen wir auf ein Bad in den Wald, gönnen uns dazu etwas Schlangenbrot und geniessen eine entschleunigende Lektüre mit bäumigen Ausflugstipps.
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  • Backstage Talks – Issue 7

    Backstage Talks Issue 7 (Empathy for sale) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. How much empathy should we sell to our clients and how much do we need to keep for our teams, and ourselves? We talked about the importance of empathy in creative work with Anna Kulachek, Brian Collins, Hedda Lilleng, Mark Pollard, David Numwami, Heidi L Maibom, Tereza Ruller and more.
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  • Hotshoe Magazine – Issue 209

    Hotshoe Magazine Issue 209 (An Emotional Landscape) has arrived. Whether we live in a city or rural ideal our interdependence with nature is ever-present. In this issue, we explore our role in nature and our relationship with the creatures who share our world.
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    WRAP Magazine – Issue 13 (Paradise)

    Wrap Magazine Issue 13 (Paradise) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. After an extended break, we’re delighted to be back doing what we love most – making our magazine and being able to share the work of incredible illustrators, artists and designers.
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    Vestoj Magazine – Issue 11

    Vestoj Magazine Issue 11 (On Everyday Life) is an exploration of routines, rituals and repetitions, the many ingenious ways in which the weak make use of the strong, how ‘common people’ reappropriate and subvert material culture to suit their own interests and rules, and a lyrical and critical exploration of generic, inexpensive and mass produced objects.
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  • Cercle Magazine No. 11 – Mythologia

    Cercle Magazine No. 11 Mythologia (English edition) focuses on the theme of Mythology. This issue is always curious and demanding: founding, contemporary or forward-looking, the theme of Mythology will be approached from many angles. Interviews, a selection of artists in its portfolio pages, but also various sections will give the floor to numerous contributors from all over the world.
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    Ark Journal Volume IX – loremnotipsum.comArk Journal Volume IX – loremnotipsum.com
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    Ark Journal – Volume IX

    Ark Journal Volume IX is available on loremnotipsum.com. In ARK JOURNAL VOLUME IX we delve into the rich architectural heritage of Copenhagen with a visit to the THORVALDSEN MUSEUM, the city’s oldest, in a photo essay by architect Mathias Mentze.
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