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Hello, we are LOREM

We are based in Zurich (Switzerland) and are selling indie magazines from all over the world. First there was an idea: a small online store with cool magazines that we like and want to share with others. The idea started becoming a reality in 2010 with the discovery of our first magazine. Following the reworking of our shop concept in February 2012 and July 2017, our range has grown to more than 450 titles and most of our magazines are even available on subscription.

We love print

We love magazines and enjoy travelling and we discovered new publications in each country that we were travelling to. But the problem was, that we couldn’t get them here in Switzerland. That’s why we launched loremnotipsum.com back in 2010. Our goal is to offer really cool magazines from all over the world in one common place with worldwide shipping. Take a short look at what happened so far since we launched LOREM.

What does LOREM mean?

‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici elit…’ (complete text) is dummy text that is not meant to mean anything. It is used as a placeholder in magazine layouts, for example, in order to give an impression of the finished document. The text is intentionally unintelligible so that the viewer is not distracted by the content. The language is not real Latin and even the first word ‘Lorem’ does not exist. It is said that the lorem ipsum text has been common among typesetters since the 16th century (Source: Wikipedia.com).

We do B2B

Do you run an advertising agency, a café, restaurant, co-working space or another type of company? And are you looking for some new reading material? Then we’ve got good news for you: with our B2B programme, which is available to all business customers, you can offer your own customers or employees our range of magazines or treat your staff to a subscription. Not to mention, you automatically enjoy better terms as a B2B customer.

The B2B programme is only available to business customers; registration is free.

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Who is LOREM?

LOREM (not Ipsum) was founded in 2010 by Michael Krautwasser and Karin Friedli. Michael studied communication design in Hamburg and has spent the past 20 years working for media companies and advertising agencies. He went freelance in 2009 with his company FLINT. Karin is a consultant, change maker and cultural enthusiast rooted in Berne, Switzerlands chronically underestimated capital. She has been a passionate communicator for over 15 years. She runs the consultancy Tinkla in content strategy and service development as well as a non profit think tank specializing in societal and community issues.

Michael Krautwasser / LOREM (not Ipsum)

Michael Krautwasser

Michael is a night owl, voluntary citizen of Stockholm and lover of paper. He loves travelling to Scandinavia and is interested in editorial design, photography, architecture, design, film and music.

Need some cool vibes? Take a look on our playlist.

Karin Friedli / LOREM (not Ipsum)

Karin Friedli

Although Karin moved from Bern to Zurich for her work, half of her heart remains squarely in Vienna. She reads, writes, cooks, runs, travels or takes photographs. Karin loves music and the stage and is determined to learn to tango, write a play and mix the perfect mojito.

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