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Let’s Explore Magazine


Let’s Explore Magazine – Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Zürich (Schweiz)Let’s Explore Magazine is a printed “when-ready” magazine from The Netherlands, exploring stories about inspiring people, projects, travels, brands and ideas. Each issue will explore a theme through – for example – essays, photo essays and interviews. The theme can guide the reader, but we want our readers to explore each issue without too many guidelines and let them find their own way, creating their own narrative. The themes will be made public ahead of time, so that there is enough time to submit your story. Sign up for our newsletter te be sure you are amongst the first to know the theme for the next issue. In the meantime make sure to have a look at our current theme.

This platform is not about us, but about the stories that are published and the people who create these stories. This means that you are pretty free in what you can submit. As long as it tells a clear story, and especially communicates well why the story is so special. We do not have strict guidelines in terms of style, but if you keep the following in mind, you’re golden. If the story is about people, we want to know more than “that person is nice to others”. If it’s a travel story, we want to know what lesson is learned or can be learned from the journey. Or why a certain journey/location has a special place in your heart. If a restaurant has great food or is incredibly well designed, we want to know how they got there, what was the road to success.

Founder: Kilian Idsinga

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