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Lost in Travel Guides


Lost in Magazine (Travel Guides) – Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Zürich (Schweiz)Lost in Magazine (formerly known as 38HOURS) works closely with local bloggers, journalists and photographers from the featured cities. The interviews, in-depth stories and photographic showcase present the city from a locals perspective. Lost in Travel Magazine is about the value and worth of the experience. It is about the smell, taste, feel, sound and sight that such experiences conjure up. 

This guide will serve to hone sensitivities and improve the level of engagement with this emerging city. Joseph Djenandji and Philipp Majcher founded 38HOURS in 2013. Through prior experience building Groupon's travel channel in Europe, a great passion for travelling and frustration with the lack of innovation in online travel companies led them to build 38 HOURS.

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