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    MATTO Magazine – Issue 6

    MATTO Magazine Issue 6 (Faith must flow) is here. MATTO is an independent magazine, exploring contemporary art and process of making through genuine conversations and studio visits with artists, designers and creatives from diverse fields.
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  • Holiday Magazine – Issue 390 (Detroit)

    Holiday Magazine Issue 390 (Detroit) is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum) and comes with different covers. Detroit is no longer the capital of the car industry but a city that embodies the revival of urban farming.
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    DAMN° Magazine Issue 83 (Stepping into Education) –
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    DAMN° Magazine – Issue 83

    DAMN° Magazine Issue 83 (Stepping into Education) is here. In this issue we tiptoe into the major tectonic shifts currently rattling arts education and its institutes. All sides of this gridlocked clash make convincing arguments, because iniquity, bad attitudes, economic precarity and worse have simmered for far too long, protected by a closed system.
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  • Fantastic Man – Issue 36

    Fantastic Man Issue 36 is available now on KIKO KOSTADINOV, menswear’s most exciting independent talent, on the cover of the 36th issue of Fantastic Man.
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    Openhouse Magazine Issue 18 – loremnotipsum.comOpenhouse Magazine Issue 18 –

    Openhouse Magazine – Issue 18

    Openhouse Magazine issue 18 is here Stepping back to a simpler life: Inspired by the poem of Octavio Paz, La Vida Sencilla [The Simple Life], in this issue we dive into the stories of people who have taken a step back into their lives and practices with sterling results. Jaume Roig applies this idea to his art in pottering and painting. Iker Ochotorena homage to the vacuum in architecture.
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    Ark Journal Volume VIII (Volume 8) – loremnotipsum.comArk Journal Volume VIII (Volume 8) –
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    Ark Journal – Volume VIII

    Ark Journal Volume VIII is available on In Ark Journal Volume VIII we reflect on the idea of a more fluid and holistic way of thinking and creating.
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    Cheese Magazine Issue 3 – loremnotipsum.comCheese Magazine Issue 3 –

    Cheese Magazine – Issue 3

    Cheese Magazine Issue 3 is as diverse in location as the first two issues, and it would be fair to say that this issue gets close and personal with the wonderful animals that make the cheeses we love.
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    Akt Magazine – Issue 4

    Akt Magazine Issue 4 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). AKT is an independent magazine in search for greatness in a small corner, abstraction in the mass, with a keen eye for timeless aesthetics and a nod to Belgium’s creative landscape of architecture, design, fashion, food and beyond.
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    We Jazz Magazine Issue 5 (Fall 2022) –

    We Jazz Magazine Issue 5 (Fall 2022)

    We Jazz Magazine Issue 5 (Fall 2022) is available now on The fifth issue of We Jazz Magazine, "Amaryllis" for Mary Halvorson. Stories include Mary Halvorson by Peter Margasak, Pi Recordings by Will Layman, Tyshawn Sorey by Marc Medwin, Women On the Syllabus by Tina Edwards, A Love Supreme Festival by Gareth Allen, plus more.
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    Frame Magazine – Issue 149

    Frame Magazine Issue 149 is here. Frame is the world’s leading interior design publication. Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has remained faithful to its mission: putting interior architecture on the map as a creative profession that’s equally important as design and architecture.
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    212 Magazine – Issue 14

    212 Magazine Issue 14 (the Impersonatopia Issue) is available now on 212 magazine is a new biannual publication from Istanbul. It contains short fiction and long-form reportage; distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews.
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    Dropped Magazine Volume 4

    Dropped Magazine Volume 4 is here and full of exciting tales and inspirational journeys from the road, gravel, and everything in between. From riding through the Lake District, in the depths of winter, to racing around Rwanda in the searing heat.
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