Are We Europe

Are We Europe Magazine is a quarterly publication. We think that in the middle of a media landscape that continues to be fractured by national borders (in an otherwise borderless Europe), there’s a niche for a beautifully illustrated magazine, filled with intricately woven sentences, taking on the European landscape as a whole. Politics, lifestyle, deeply reported places that pick apart a certain place or problem, unapologetic social critique, and analysis of where the hell this is all going. Why print? Yeah, we know, it’s a crazy thing to bet on print. What can we say besides that we’re optimists and contrarians. If we weren’t, would we be so bullish on the idea that Europe—whatever its flaws—has a bright future ahead. And most of all, that it deserves to have its story told. Differently. Our goal is to publish Are We Europe magazine 4x per year, with each issue taking on a different theme that reveals something about what it means to be European, and how Europe interacts with and relates to the rest of the world. With love, Are We Europe.

Are We Europe


  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year

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