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As Promised Magazine

As Promised Magazine

As Promised Magazine is a quarterly publication exploring the idea of Identity through aesthetics, slow living and style; focusing on the Levantine culture worldwide. As Promised Magazine is a new publication from Tel Aviv, it is an idea—an alternative to the current situation. A borderless aspirational life we would all like to live. A thoughtful livelihood that is driven by wellness, respect, and beauty. A prism that is rooted in compassion, beauty and inclusivity, showcases ideas and works of creators coming from the region. By examining the coexistence between the various sectors in the region, As Promised creates a space devoted to aesthetics, innovation and dialogue, sans borders, solidifying Levantine culture as a pillar of creative movements worldwide. The Levant (/ləˈvænt/) is an approximate historical geographical term referring to a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean. In its widest historical sense, the Levant included all of the eastern Mediterranean with its islands and all of the countries along the Eastern Mediterranean shores. The term entered English in the late 15th century from French. It derives from the Italian Levante, meaning “rising”, implying the rising of the sun in the east. Unsatisfied with current conversations around the Middle East, the forces at the helm of As Promised will endeavor to fill the void of aesthetics, innovation, and dialogue – sans borders.

As Promised Magazine


  • Country: Israel
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year
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