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Cedar Magazine is a travel and lifestyle publication inspired by nature. Here at Cedar we are real enthusiasts for the art of stumbling across things, venturing outdoors and turning the corner to discover somewhere new or hidden. Whilst we enjoy discovering faraway hinterlands our curiosity is really sparked by the people and places in our communities and local areas who inspire ideas for our own lifestyle and pursuits. At Cedar we enjoy being present in a moment, immersed in the slower pace of life, a yearning for simplicity that is symptomatic of a hectic lifestyle of work and information overload. The importance of sitting down with a good story and cup of coffee should never be overlooked. We hope to take you on a visual journey that engages with the landscape. The result is a curated collection of stories and photography inspired by nature. A place where we encourage you to explore your surroundings and there potential through conversations with passionate people and documenting our own travels. We hope to be a little part of your daily escapism.

Cedar Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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