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Considered magazine is an independently published, bi-annual print magazine exploring sustainable lifestyle, thoughtful design and mindful travel. Considered magazine explores sustainability as a concept and a practice, with the intention of raising awareness of sustainability issues from an environmental, social and economic perspective and encouraging discussion. We aim to inspire a simpler and more considered lifestyle by drawing on international sustainability and wellbeing practices, by exploring mindful travel experiences and by referencing our own inspirations which are often found in nature, architecture and art. We work with a community of photographers, creatives, writers, community groups and on-location locals providing a platform for them to tell their story and inspire and inform our readers.

Considered Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdsom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year

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    Considered Magazine Volume 3 – loremnotipsum.comConsidered Magazine Volume 3 –
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    Considered Magazine Volume 3

    Considered magazine Volume 3 is here. We visit Vietnam, spending time in vibrant Hanoi before journeying to the mountainous region of Sa Pa where we meet tribes of women and learn first-hand about the importance of textiles within their culture and community. Closer to home we visit Settle in Norfolk and stay in the lakeside cabin, enjoying a slower pace in this beautiful rural retreat.
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    Considered Magazine Volume 2 – loremnotipsum.comConsidered Magazine Volume 2 –
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    Considered Magazine Volume 2

    Considered magazine Volume 2 is out now. In Volume 2 we travel to Bali, Indonesia and visit Green School, an awe-inspiring school with a core focus on education for sustainability, reflect on the Balinese culture. We embrace the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides. We explore the concept of circular economy, discuss the human cost of fast fashion and learn about cobalt, a key component in our everyday electronics that has dark origins.
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    Considered Magazine Volume 1 –
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    Considered Magazine Volume 1

    Considered magazine Volume 1 is out now. In Volume 1 we explore sustainability in the city of Manchester, travel to the mountains of South Spain to experience a yoga retreat, discuss sustainability in fashion with London-based designer Christopher Ræburn, investigate innovations in sustainable clothing materials.
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