Creative Future Magazine

Creative Future was founded in September 2011 by the twenty-year-old student and artist, Christian Andersen (Odense, Denmark). Aimed at embracing and highlighting the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of some of todays most established artists and creative individuals, the core of Creative Future is to bypass the traditional publishing channels and give each artist free editorial say, 100% creative control and a unique artistic platform to express intimate and personal ideas. With craftsmanship, artistry and quality in mind, Creative Future is not another art and design magazine, but instead curation of creative ideas that comprises an extensive array of artistic areas within the broader field of art. Focused on creating highly collectible publications, zines and artist editions, quality, originality and craftsmanship is still one of the most essential elements in any project. Being completely independent and self-supporting, the worldwide family of artists, friends, contributors and loyal supporters still remain as the key to why Creative Future still is able to explore new paths and possibilities within the world of art.

Creative Future Magazine


  • Country: Denmark
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: No longer published

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