ELECTRA Magazine

ELECTRA Magazine is an international publication on contemporary culture that reflects on our world and our time, often looking at what is hidden or implied in them. It relies on collaborations from the most renowned authors based in various parts of the world, who bring their diverse experiences and cultural fields to each of the topics covered in the magazine with critical and creative insight. This magazine is meant to be read and seen, because it is as discerning with its images as it is with its words. ELECTRA Magazine focuses on critique and cultural, social and political reflection of current events. Having been released in March 2018, the magazine is quarterly and is published in Portuguese and English. Counting on the collaboration of Portuguese and foreign authors – relevant personalities of thought, languages and arts – , the magazine’s director is José Manuel dos Santos, board member and cultural director of the EDP Foundation, and the publisher is António Guerreiro, a journalist, reviewer and essayist.

ELECTRA Magazine


  • Country: Portugal
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year

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