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Elementum Journal

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Elementum Journal is an independent literary publication with a focus on nature writing and visual storytelling. We commission work from both established and emerging writers and artists, actively seeking out voices that speak from differing perspectives and that offer the reader new insights. Bringing together the scientist’s findings and the artist’s response, the ecologist’s observation and the writer’s reflection, we ask questions as well as seek to answer them, retaining a sense of wonder at the unseen and unknowable. By exploring our connection to nature through stories of transformation and startling imagery, we hope we will better understand our place, our responsibilities and the possibilities open to us. Elementum Journal is printed in the UK on high quality uncoated paper and is designed to give the reader space to reflect and absorb ideas, unharried by advertising. Guided by a different theme in each edition, Elementum is published twice a year.

Elementum Journal


  • Country: Ireland
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year
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