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Failed States Magazine

Failed States Magazine Issue 4 (South) –

Failed States Magazine is a journal of indeterminate geographies. Failed States Magazine is a publishing project that collates and investigates ideas around place, or more specifically: indeterminate geographies. As a continually evolving mode of research — in its oblique approach to geography, openness to possibility and curiosity as to what discrete responses might collectively reveal — Failed States is endeavouring to imagine, occupy and furnish another kind of space.Each themed issue of the journal is an assemblage of innovative text and image by emerging and established writers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and academics. Rather than cultivate a house style, we strive to publish content that varies widely in intent, tone and realisation. Over the course of the first three issues, Failed States has developed organically and often unpredictably. An international cohort of contributors has begun taking shape and we believe that our study of place will remain interesting and worthwhile only so long as we are committed to continually broadening our global reach. So far the project has brought together practitioners from across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Failed States Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular
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