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Fathers Quarterly – LOREM (not Ipsum)

Fathers Quarterly is a story about being a father in today’s world and a unique combination of a book and a magazine. It’s limited to 5000 copies and a Polish concept, printed in two versions: Polish and international. Publication developed in accordance with the idea of “slow journalism”. It is full of timeless content related to the areas of conscious fatherhood, culture, travels and lifestyle. With its visual design our project really stands out among other magazines. Dedicated photo sessions and illustrations are a perfect companion to the texts: interviews, reports, essays, and feature articles. Fathers Quarterly takes inspiration from recollections, from the desire to share adventures and to be close to nature. We want to evoke the best memories in today’s fathers and to encourage them to be an active and attentive part of their children’s lives.

Fathers Quarterly


  • Country: Poland
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular
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