Frame Magazine

Frame magazine is the world’s leading interior design publication. Since its launch in 1997, Frame magazine has remained faithful to its mission: putting interior architecture on the map as a creative profession that’s equally important as design and architecture. In six issues per year, Frame publishes the world’s most inspiring interiors, spiced up with design, art and creative endeavours like window displays and stage sets. The magazine is sold in 77 countries. The vision is that meaningful spaces enable people to work, shop, relax and live better, making them happier and healthier. It’s our mission to empower spatial excellence by connecting talented designers to visionary clients and the best makers. Frame’s media channels serve as unique sources for novel approaches to the use of colour and material in designing objects and spaces that lead to meaningful experiences.

Frame Magazine


  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 6 issues/year

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