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GRÆS Magazine is an independent publication that promotes a multilingual, international lifestyle by exploring one theme every issue through the lens of language, travel and culture. For those of you who do not know yet, Græs is the danish word for grass. GRÆS is a magazine in which you will find articles, stories, interviews, photo essays, etc. on a specific theme per issue. In this first issue, we explore the many meanings of the word 'home'. The content has been created by a group of people who lead the lifestyle that this magazine promotes. Several have created their homes, both mentally and physically, away from their place of birth. Others have embraced their original homes and are very happy to stay there, even after having explored a bit of the world. Nevertheless, they are people who like to jump around from one piece of land to the next, experiencing, learning and communicating. One could even say that they are kind of like (grass)hoppers.

GRÆS Magazine


  • Country: Germany
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year

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    GRÆS Magazine – Issue 3

    GRÆS Magazine Issue 3 (Food & Drink) is available now on This issue continues the GRÆS method of looking at a topic from the perspective of a language and culture lover who enjoys seeing the world. It’s packed with bilingual texts, several of which touch upon the idea of “taste nostalgia”, something that many expats experience.
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    GRAES Magazine Issue 2 –

    GRÆS Magazine – Issue 2

    GRÆS Magazine Issue 2 (the Dialect Issue) is available now on Issue two is a 156-page publication featuring 12 contributions from international authors and artists as well as 3 interviews all focusing on Dialect. What separates a language from a dialect?
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    Graes Magazine Issue 1 – loremnotipsum.comGraes Magazine Issue 1 –

    GRÆS Magazine – Issue 1

    GRÆS Magazine Issue 1 (the Home Issue) is out now. Issue 1 contains 116 pages of photography and writing focusing on one theme: Home. The authors and photographers let you in on their own interpretation of what home can be. Exploring this topic from the perspective of a world traveler, a linguaphile or both combined, the many contributors want to inspire new thoughts.
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