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LogoArchive reimagines the logo book as an ongoing series of beautifully crafted zines. They are marked by a unique materiality of black paper, white ink and black staples. Each issue presents logos from a different theme or industry and covers the period 1920 to 1990. It is a source of logo design inspiration and a place to read short texts on design. LogoArchive is a study of form language in logo design. LogoArchive is a total project. It is an expression of designer as author. It was developed as a way to investigate the potential of both individual object and ongoing project. To maintain and develop a dialogue. To make temporality a critical and observable component in both content and materiality (each new edition will be marked in time with an additional page). Each cover, in its graphic immediacy, calls out a theme, rather than using titles, it employs the form language of its content. This second issues features eyes and will be followed up with symbols related to science, the international, momentum and direction. LogoArchive also intends to run special collaborative issues, distinguished by different coloured paper stocks, arrangement and content of text and the intentions of guest curators. LogoArchive is marked by its conceptual and philosophical foundations but also its graphic immediacy, an interplay between the visual language of archival and children’s storybooks, as well as its materiality and production. These reflect the pragmatism of documentation and the metaphorical play present in some of the logos, and LogoArchive's digital origins as an Instagram account and its new material manifestation.



  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular
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