Luxe Noir Magazine

Luxe Noir Magazine is a biannual publication dedicated to promoting contemporary African art, design and travel. Produced in Johannesburg, South Africa, our magazine celebrates the wealth of creativity, diverse traditions and the rich cultural resonance of artistic expressions from the African continent and her vast diaspora. Luxe Noir Magazine works collaboratively with a network of creative individuals on the continent and elsewhere, in order to bring you interesting features on dynamic African brands, awe-inspiring craftsmen, personalities and enterprises, all making their mark on their communities and the world. It is an inclusive platform and strive to bring into focus a variety of perspectives and experiences. The magazine entertains and educates, but most importantly, it adds a fresh African perspective to the world of creative publications. In so doing, Luxe Noir hopes to cultivate a richer, more diverse narrative on African art, design and travel.

Luxe Noir Magazine


  • Country: South Africa
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year

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