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Onoda is a charming small Japan store located in old town of Zurich started by me, Ena Onoda. I provide authentic Japanese products comprehensively from artisan pieces to qualitative living items and clothing made by small local producers and individual artisans throughout Japan. The focus of selection is not necessarily on very traditional manner, still reflecting tradition but on the objects of today that express an harmonised Japanese aesthetic and can be merged into modern European interior. Those objects are not only optically fulfilling, but also having functionality that brings customers satisfaction while using them and can be proposed not only for private home, but also for public spaces such as restaurant and hotels. Most of products available at Onoda is made based on natural materials, ancestor’s wisdoms and small constant innovative ideas and passion by the producers. In life, there are certainly things that bring us small happiness and joy, every time we see, every time we use them. The aesthetic objects that are made out of good will and materials have a certain power to make us happy and I believe, that these everyday’s small happinesses lead to a bigger satisfaction in life.

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