Pleasure Garden Magazine

Taking inspiration from the pleasure gardens of 18th century London the Pleasure Garden magazine engages its public with an array of attractions – ranging from the past to the present, the sedate to the salacious. Here we step away from the practicalities of the garden instead placing it within a wider cultural context. The pleasure garden was always a place to escape to – a fantasy in a garden, filled with art, music, fashion, society and sex. It is this mix that we transport to the printed pages of Pleasure Garden magazine. The Garden Edit takes a modern approach to gardening and plants. Adopting a unique point of view that merges functionality, design and craftsmanship – we bring together a curated selection of garden-related products from internationally recognised and emerging designers. Working with photographers and writers we also document the garden through a contemporary lens, showcasing interesting figures and spaces within the botanical world.

Pleasure Garden Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year

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