Print Isn’t Dead

PRINT ISN’T DEAD is a showcase of outstanding illustration and design work demonstrating and pushing the boundaries of print in all forms. The magazine is structured around interviews, articles, features and a directory. We set out to feature and promote the very essence of print and how it is used in both the creative and industrious worlds. From illustration to product design, from current printing trends to traditional methods from around the world. The magazine is a quarterly publication by the People of Print. People of Print is a daily source of inspiration to thousands of people, uncovering and sharing the work of the world’s most talented creatives who use the process of print. Our proposal for PRINT ISN’T DEAD is to showcase and champion ‘print’ by compiling the ever-growing content from our website, as well as exclusive studio/company visits and interviews, into a beautifully printed collectable publication.

Print Isn’t Dead


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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