Rucksack Magazine

Rucksack Magazine is a bi-annual publication from the UK. We celebrate visual storytelling and are driven by our passion for adventure and photography. Each Volume explores a central theme. We do not specify our themes to a particular country or event, instead choosing a broader topic allowing for greater range of content within each magazine. We began in 2016 as an online journal. Our online journal is divided into stories, photo essays, photographer interviews and brand features. We work as a platform for new and emerging photographers and writers, connecting a global community of creative storytellers. Our brand has no limits, no boundaries; it is there for those with a thirst for adventure, those who want to create something new, something exciting. It is there to inspire, to excite and to mesmerise.

Rucksack Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year

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