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Scandinavian MIND

Scandinavian MIND Magazine Issue 1 (Transformation) –

Scandinavian MIND is a magazine and covering the intersection of lifestyle and technology. We believe that convergence of different fields is the way forward for technology, fashion, design, mobility, entertainment, gaming, and other industries. As a magazine, it is our mission to shine a light on the people, projects, places, and products that impact the world in a positive way. We do this by telling engaging stories through writing, photography, film, and audio. Scandinavian MIND has a global view with a Nordic mindset. We believe that our region’s core values — innovation, equality, sustainability, and social justice — is the perfect lens through which we should view the world. The content is aimed at early adopters, opinion leaders, industry insiders, and other curious minds that want to keep a close eye on the Scandinavian market and get an update on key global events. The theme for the first print issue is TRANSFORMATION, specifically covering the need for transformation in the worlds of art, design, fashion, entertainment, and technology.

Scandinavian MIND


  • Country: Sweden
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular
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