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Sirene Magazine

Sirene Magazine is a bi-annual publication tailored for those people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it. The magazine approaches the water from every angle: emotional, cultural and scientific. Through new aesthetics and new ethics with respect to the sea, encourages better care of the oceans. The paper is made from algae, hinting at saltiness or sand. For every half kilo of fresh algae, a kilo of wood is saved. The magazine references the sea in its layouts too and it’s designed to be collected. Sirene Magazine is for those who have decided to follow their passion for the waves and the ocean, there comes a moment to separate their existence from already beaten social paths, to invent new ones. Surfing, freediving, stretches of ocean in the words of a solo sailor, islands, beaches to discover, customs and traditions of beach culture, stories of secret ferries, lost classic boats, whale sharks routes, reportings related to pollution and protection of marine life, create a narration in which sea lovers can relate and where they can find the characteristics of a common identity. Unlike other media dealing with sea sports and activities, Sirenes's approach is never technical but always emotional. Sirene Magazine has been awarded a Graphite Pencil at the 2016 D&AD Awards in London, got a nomination at the 2016 ADCE* Awards in Barcelona and was among the Medal Finalists of SPD #52 in NY.

Sirene Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year
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