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Storied Magazine is inspired by the people, places, crafts, and traditions of Japan – made for people seeking a connection to unknown characters and hideaways that are longing to be visited. As an independent magazine- come-journal and online platform, Storied Magazine celebrates the notion of slow and sustainable journalism, touching personal narratives, and considered recommendations for the conscientious explorer. It’s no secret that Japan has been high on the destination hit-list of many travellers and travel magazines for a number of years. Japan’s leaders, recognising that inbound tourism could be a powerful economic engine, have over the past five years, set targets for substantial growth with little regulation, subsequently causing more problems than benefits in certain areas. Our focus is on creating sustainable change – actively combatting the country’s over- tourism by illuminating unique and boutique options along the well-trodden tourist trail, whilst also educating our readers on lesser-known areas of Japan. We think that this not only offers truly exciting recommendations for travel, but also helps to foster a circular economy within local communities that want and need it. So, whether your interest is travel, design or cultural heritage, let the pages of Storied Magazine take you on a journey into the true heart of Japan.

Storied Magazine


  • Country: Japan
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year

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