Swenson Magazine

Swenson magazine is published annually in beautiful print. Throughout high-end portraits of athletes and Tech entrepreneurs, personal interviews with the outdoor industry’s top brand executives, photographers, artists, and creative minds, Swenson changes the way we read about innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. Swenson writes about all those who are driven by instinct, guided by passion, creativity and the desire to undertake. Inspired by the cross- functional projects of Dare Jennings, the fight on the ground of Leila Janah, the conviction of Lauren L. Hill, the community gathered around Patrick Long, the advise of transparency given by Rick Ridgeway, the determination of Maya Gabeira, the authenticity of Charlotte Hand, the inventiveness of Jay Nelson and the revolutionary perception of Jason Fried, Swenson brings you a modern vision of entrepreneurship. Swenson magazine features Interviews, special reports, long-form features, business cases, opinion columns, essays, adventure stories and portraits.

Swenson Magazine


  • Country: France
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 1 issue/year

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