The Free Lunch

The Free Lunch are people who agree there is a problem and that we need to think different to get out of the mess that we got ourselves into. Founded in Austria The Free Lunch commission is an inclusive network of artists, scientists, designers, journalists, activists, researchers, programmers and disruptors committed to finding new ways of exploring, explaining and inspiring the magnificent and disturbing world around us. We here at The Free Lunch Commission suspect we aren’t the only ones having an itch. It’s an itch you can’t scratch. You can’t see it, and you can’t reach it, but you feel it. It’s there all the time. And it’s a feeling of not knowing the full story. Something is hidden. Silent agreements happened that you never agreed to. It’s the feeling of being left with a bill for a meal neither ordered nor eaten. A new magazine on Culture, Technology, Art and Activism from the perspective of that we have to give up in order to advance. The cost for convenience. Who will have to pick up the bill for what might seem like a free lunch?

The Free Lunch


  • Country: Austria
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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