The Shelf Journal

The Shelf Journal is a French-English annual review from Paris about the art of books and their design, that gives the voice to book makers and writers specialized in that field. Whether insignificant objects or works of art in their own right, books create through their different forms and stories a unique bond with those who read, consult and own them. This almost physical connection was the reason for creating The Shelf Journal. In form of interviews, in-depth articles, portfolios, studies, etc. the magazine explores the different questions that relate to the contents and the shapes of books, their creation and collection, by showing ancient as well as contemporary examples. Part place of worship and reflection for paper lovers, part experimental platform for designers, typographers and other graphic designers, The Shelf Journal explores the essence of our libraries’ charm: the limitless variations in form of this unique object.

The Shelf Journal


  • Country: France
  • Language: French / English
  • Frequency: 1 issue/year

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