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Tusk Journal

Tusk Journal was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Operating as a bi-annual printed publication and all-weather blog, The magazine is our way of celebrating the contemporary, artistic and independent current which flows in the North West of England. Created by Liverpool-based graphic designer James Falkingham and Manchester-based writer Alexander Lester, Tusk Journal boasts an ever-growing team of graduate writers, freelance photographers and creatives from across the region and beyond. Covering three main fields of interest: Music, Lifestyle & Culture: The magazine aims to illuminate the skies of the north with the sunshine styles of Paris with a constant stream of interviews, reviews, editorials and updates from across the region we call home. Our team are passionate about working with only the finest musicians, exhibitions, stores and cinema, electing the local over the corporate, independent over blockbuster and cultural over the mainstream, every time.

Tusk Journal


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: No longer published
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