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Woven Magazine

Woven Magazine is a magazine for Makers and Thinkers. The stories of our lives weave in and out like fabric through a quilt. Together they spin themes common to all of humanity. Themes of fear and triumph, love and risk, joy and heartache. Together they comprise the human experience. Before the written word existed, there was oral tradition. Central to this tradition was a deep rooted conviction that story structured society; it explained origin, defined ethics, and created entertainment. Woven Magazine blooms out of this tradition. It seeks to capture the stories of makers, artists, and thinkers. It is founded upon the idea that what we often lack in ourselves, we find in others, and through their own sharing of their lives. May these stories serve to inspire and articulate the unspoken desires of your hearts.

Woven Magazine


  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular
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