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    Magazine B – Issue 91 (Hawaii)

    Magazine B Issue 91 (Hawaii) is available now on Thinking about an island evokes a strange sense of nostalgia. An island is a place we feel we ought to return to someday, even if we are not from an island. And everyone, at some point, has imagined this idea of “going back” to an island.
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    Design Anthology – Issue 13 (UK Edition)

    Design Anthology Issue 13 (UK Edition) is available now on Design Anthology UK is spotlighting the best of design, architecture, art, travel and style across Europe.
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    Real Review Issue 13 (Mining the Past) – loremnotipsum.comReal Review Issue 13 (Mining the Past) –

    Real Review – Issue 13

    Real Review Issue 13 (Mining the Past) is available now on All times appear equally and at once. The past no longer recedes in an orderly way, but threatens to resurface at any moment in the guise of the contemporary. Nostalgia cycles are getting faster. Old material artefacts return as integral components of current trends. The future is no longer desirable or unforeseen.
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    FAIRE Magazine – Issue 7

    FAIRE Magazine Issue 7 is available now on and celebrates a wonderful group of 12 creatives, artists, artisans and creatives from around the world. FAIRE Magazine is featuring lead stories about creatives from around the world and special interest stories in every issue exploring heritage craftsmanship, off the beaten track creative sources and inspirational new talent.
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    DAMN° Magazine Issue 83 (Stepping into Education) –
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    DAMN° Magazine – Issue 83

    DAMN° Magazine Issue 83 (Stepping into Education) is here. In this issue we tiptoe into the major tectonic shifts currently rattling arts education and its institutes. All sides of this gridlocked clash make convincing arguments, because iniquity, bad attitudes, economic precarity and worse have simmered for far too long, protected by a closed system.
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    Ark Journal Volume VIII (Volume 8) – loremnotipsum.comArk Journal Volume VIII (Volume 8) –
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    Ark Journal – Volume VIII

    Ark Journal Volume VIII is available on In Ark Journal Volume VIII we reflect on the idea of a more fluid and holistic way of thinking and creating.
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    Akt Magazine – Issue 4

    Akt Magazine Issue 4 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). AKT is an independent magazine in search for greatness in a small corner, abstraction in the mass, with a keen eye for timeless aesthetics and a nod to Belgium’s creative landscape of architecture, design, fashion, food and beyond.
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    Frame Magazine – Issue 149

    Frame Magazine Issue 149 is here. Frame is the world’s leading interior design publication. Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has remained faithful to its mission: putting interior architecture on the map as a creative profession that’s equally important as design and architecture.
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    PAUL E Magazine No. 1

    PAUL E Magazine No. 1 (Evolve) is here and dedicated to an inspired, conscious and creative community. In this issue, and those that will follow, we highlight the plurality of identities, scratching the surface of preconceived ideas through in-depth articles, interviews, shootings and portraits.
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    Kinfolk Magazine Issue 45 (the Great Outdoors Issue) –

    Kinfolk Magazine – Issue 45

    Kinfolk Magazine Issue 45 (the Great Outdoors Issue) is here. In The Great Outdoors Issue, we meet the people thinking about how to mediate these contact moments in fresh and nuanced ways. They include garden creator Piet Oudolf, Snow Peak fashion designer Lisa Yamai, explorer Ella Al-Shamahi and underwater archeologist Ayana Omilade Flewellen.
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    The Entrepreneurs – Issue 6

    The Entrepreneurs Issue 6 is available now on Issue 6 celebrates companies with a human touch and fresh suggestions that are offering fulfilling work. Here's how to start a meaningful venture, revive a brand or get ahead.
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    Disegno Magazine Issue 34 –
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    Disegno Magazine No. 34

    Disegno Magazine No. 34 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). Disegno is aimed at those who are hungry for updates on architecture, design and fashion.
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