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    Das Wetter #5

    Das Wetter #5 ist da. In unserer fünften Ausgabe findet ihr ausführliche Portraits, Interviews und Features mit u.a. Balbina, Haftbefehl, Bilderbuch, Wanda, Zugezogen Maskulin und Sizarr, sowie weitere Texte über zum Beispiel Autorinnen von Fan Fiction-Erzählen, sowie mehrere Kurzgeschichten, eine Bilderstrecke und vieles mehr.
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    Magazine B Issue 55 (Apple Music) – loremnotipsum.comMagazine B Issue 55 (Apple Music) –
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    Magazine B – Issue 55 (Apple Music)

    Magazine B Issue 55 (Apple Music) is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music was launched in June 2015. Equipped with playlists curated by Apple Music editors and radio stations featuring prominent DJs, the service serves as a platform for accessing high quality music in the music-flooded digital era. By forging meaningful relationships with artists through album exclusives and music video funding, Apple Music is redefining the landscape of music streaming.
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    Flaneur Magazine – Issue 1 (Berlin)

    Flaneur Magazine Issue 1 is out now: Kantstrasse, Berlin. The first issue depicts Kantstraße, Berlin. Chosen by the publisher because of her personal connection to the street the issue was about taking well-known information or things taken for granted and inspecting them from a different angle.
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