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    WeAr Magazine Issue 73 – loremnotipsum.comWeAr Magazine Issue 73 –

    WeAr Magazine – Issue 73

    WeAr Magazine Issue 73 is here and presents the latest trends, the must-haves and tips and tricks how to navigate the current climate and the upcoming season. Learn about how to best present IRL fashion and about the latest innovations from our editorial team and people that matter in the fashion industry.
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  • Hotshoe Magazine – Issue 208

    Hotshoe Magazine Issue 208 (Martin Parr) is here. Martin Parr, one of the most important figures in British photography, is well known for documenting the English social classes. A prominent member of Magnum Photos since 1994, he changed how we see British society and documentary photography with his use of colour rather than black-and-white.
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    Luncheon Magazine – Issue 14

    Luncheon Magazine Issue 14 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum) with four covers: ReadMe by Rosemarie Trockel, 2022 / One Cigarette in an Ashtray by Cary Kwok, 2022 / The Ambassador’s Wife by Ruskin Spear, 1959 / Lois Blamire photographed by Tim Gutt, styling by Léopold Duchemin, set design by Shona Heath, 2022.
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    Sindroms Magazine Issue 7 (Gold) – loremnotipsum.comSindroms Magazine Issue 7 (Gold) –

    Sindroms Magazine – Issue 7 (Gold)

    Sindroms Magazine Issue 7 (Gold) is available now on Through the Golden Sindrom, we set out to explore humankind's eternal strive for excellence — why we long for it, and what comes with that chase. Printed in 500 copies only, this special edition explores excellence, boasting 182 pages between its gilded covers.
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    Sole Magazine AW 2022

    Sole Magazine AW 2022 is the Anniversary edition. An independent annual publication and the leading voice for youth and contemporary culture from the Middle East. The publication offers exclusive coverage on music, fashion, sports, and the visual arts while also focussing on pressing social issues like identity, wellness, and the environment.
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    OVER Journal Issue 3 – loremnotipsum.comOVER Journal Issue 3 –

    OVER Journal – Issue 3

    OVER Journal Issue 3 is here. OVER Journal is the Critical Journal of Photography and Visual Culture for the 21st century. OVER Journal is a new periodical publication and online platform that proposes to its readers a deep, honest, critical and edifying experience of Photography and Visual Culture. It is more than a portfolio magazine, it is a space for reflection on new practices, new ways of thinking.
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    The Gentlewoman No. 26

    The Gentlewoman No. 26 is available now. The Gentlewoman is where intelligent long-form journalism meets beautiful photography in a fashion magazine with a focus on personal style. Issue 26 is featuring Icelandic filmmaker, musician, actress and daughter of Björk, Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney, photographed by Alasdair McLellan.
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    Athleta Magazine Issue 8

    Athleta Magazine Issue 8 is here. The relationship between man and nature, man and community, man and his own sensory individuality. All framed by sports cultural imagery.
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    Disegno Magazine Issue 34 –
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    Disegno Magazine No. 34

    Disegno Magazine No. 34 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). Disegno is aimed at those who are hungry for updates on architecture, design and fashion.
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    Foam Magazine – Issue 62

    Foam Magazine Issue 62 (the M/Otherlands Issue) is available now. The transnational issue explore the ways in which identity intersects and conflicts with nationalism and the idea of nation state within the European context.
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    Hole & Corner Magazine Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue) – loremnotipsum.comHole & Corner Magazine Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue) –
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    Hole & Corner – Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue)

    Hole & Corner Magazine Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue) explores many forms of nurture, and the results of it. We have turned our attention to the idea of slow and careful nurture. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, nurture is ‘the process of bringing up or training.’ It is also about feeding and offering nourishment.
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    The Great Discontent Issue 5 –

    The Great Discontent – Issue 5

    The Great Discontent Issue 5 (the Emergence Issue) features a dynamic group of creators who are deeply committed to addressing systematic challenges in their communities through creativity and emerging ideologies. The truth of a creative life is that uncertainty will come for all of us. It’s the choices that we make to emerge and create and live, where the true possibility and the heart of this issue lies. And with that, we've given our readers the choice between two covers.
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