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    Disegno Magazine Issue 34 –
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    Disegno Magazine No. 34

    Disegno Magazine No. 34 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). Disegno is aimed at those who are hungry for updates on architecture, design and fashion.
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    Foam Magazine – Issue 62

    Foam Magazine Issue 62 (the M/Otherlands Issue) is available now. The transnational issue explore the ways in which identity intersects and conflicts with nationalism and the idea of nation state within the European context.
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    Hole & Corner Magazine Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue) – loremnotipsum.comHole & Corner Magazine Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue) –
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    Hole & Corner – Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue)

    Hole & Corner Magazine Issue 23 (the Nurture Issue) explores many forms of nurture, and the results of it. We have turned our attention to the idea of slow and careful nurture. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, nurture is ‘the process of bringing up or training.’ It is also about feeding and offering nourishment.
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    The Great Discontent Issue 5 –

    The Great Discontent – Issue 5

    The Great Discontent Issue 5 (the Emergence Issue) features a dynamic group of creators who are deeply committed to addressing systematic challenges in their communities through creativity and emerging ideologies. The truth of a creative life is that uncertainty will come for all of us. It’s the choices that we make to emerge and create and live, where the true possibility and the heart of this issue lies. And with that, we've given our readers the choice between two covers.
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  • Family Portrait No. 2

    Family Portrait No. 2 is available on and features 300 pages of bold and vibrant imagery. Each story positively documents and explores family relationships through photography, contributors give an intimate and personal insight into the depth and dynamic behind the meaning of family.
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    Hotshoe Magazine – Issue 207

    Hotshoe Magazine Issue 207 (A West African Portrait) is available on In this issue, we focus on photographic talent from West Africa. With the help of Autograph, London and David Hill Gallery we bring together the work of ten influential photographers, including interviews with Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, Rachidi Bissiriou and Sanlé Sory.
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    Luncheon Magazine – Issue 13

    Luncheon Magazine Issue 13 is available now with four covers: Summer by Roy de Maistre, oil on canvas, 1955 / Photograph by Jordan Hemingway, styling by Robbie Spencer, set design Afra Zamara, 2022 / Mother and Child at Breaking Point by Maureen Scott, oil on board, 1970 / Owl by Paolo Roversi, Studio Luce, Paris, 2021.
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    Ouf Magazine

    Ouf Magazine von KLUB NOIR ist jetzt erhältlich auf Das Künstler*innen-Kollektiv KLUB NOIR aus Zürich setzte Mitte 2020 dazu an, das Formenvokabular ihrer kreativen Ausschreitungen an der Wand im urbanen Kontext radikal zu erneuern. Anstelle der Zeichnung sollten nun selbst gebastelte Objekte – Assemblagen aus aufgelesenen, herumliegenden oder im Baumarkt gekaufte Materialien – den Ausgangspunkt für die Weiterentwicklung ihrer Motive bilden.
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    Highsnobiety Magazine Summer 2022

    Highsnobiety Magazine Summer 2022 is available now on Highsnobiety Magazine makes a bold return for our Summer 2022 issue. Serving as a sequel to our inaugural ”Outfits Issue,” we have cover star Steve Lacy stunting in an extravaganza of eye-popping fits photographed by Tom Kneller.
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    INDIE Magazine Issue 67 (SS 2022)

    INDIE Magazine Issue 67 (SS 2022) is available now on Sense, pleasure, preference, and sociological construct: Taste—or lack thereof—is a dish best served hot! For SS22, INDIE cooks up food for thought, exploring the ever-shifting parameters that gate-keep ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste.
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  • British Journal of Photography BJP – Issue 7907

    British Journal of Photography BJP Issue 7907 (Love/Ukraine) is available now on This month’s British Journal of Photography is an issue of two halves. The first half is informed by our main theme, Love, with a striking portrait shot by Marco Zanella gracing the cover. Flip the magazine over and you will find a second cover, shot by Ukrainian photographer Yelena Yemchuk. It includes a special section dedicated to stories about Ukrainian identity, culture, photography and the new reality of war.
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  • British Journal of Photography BJP – Issue 7906

    British Journal of Photography BJP Issue 7906 (Home) is available now on British Journal of Photography’s first issue of 2022 is themed Home. Over the last couple of years, the idea of home has taken on new meaning for many of us. For photographers, it is the inspiration or the backdrop of new projects, where personal and intimate parts of their life have been candidly shared.
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