Frankie Magazine – Issue 52

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Time flies, doesn’t it? (We wish it didn’t.) It seems like only yesterday we were sitting around dreaming up good things to pop into our March/April issue and here we are – frankie 52 is all grown up and ready to toddle out into the real world today. Eek!

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Inside you’ll find: a look into the slightly magical world of a Wellington soda kingpin, a hard-hitting investigation on the musical tastes of cats and dogs, Uganda’s beauty school for landmine victims, the reason why stripes weren’t in fashion in the Middle Ages, instructions for making a pom pom rug, prettily sculpted leaves, a trip to Afghanistan and one to Iceland as well, iconic Australian artists talking about creativity and ageing, and interviews with Purity Ring, The Frames, Sarah Silverman and lady-of-the-moment Lena Dunham. Plus there are many cute socks and shirts, a loving salute to dads, some thoughts on why bucket lists might ruin your life, and a tour of the most retro house you’ll ever see. Oh – should we also mention Tex Perkins telling us what he got up to in his 20s? Yes, we probably should. It’s been keeping us up at night.

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