Makeshift Magazine Issue 15 – Boundaries

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Makeshift Magazine Issue 15 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum)! This issue features tax-savvy shoppers, houses from recycled boats, bureaucracy-beating apps, and tales of migrant ingenuity — creative workarounds for a world crisscrossed by boundaries.

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    Makeshift Magazine Issue 15 is out now and will be the last printed issue. After 15 issues Makeshift decided to stop publishing their magazine. Find interesting stories in Makeshift Magazine Issue 15.


    • Observed: Turkey. A smuggler, armed with a plastic whip, organizes passengers about to board a boat on the ‘Bay of Smugglers’.
    • Remote Patrol. Refugees who take to the sea send signals for extra protection
      A yellow-vested taxi driver zips around the market, in search of customers to ferry across Friendship Bridge.
    • Frontier Shopping. Skip the customs slips and stow your passport in this mecca of tri-border trade
    • Mong La Luck. In a zone without clocks, it might be time to lay down your last bills
    • Invisible Prayers. Unofficial mosques let Greece’s Muslims pray their own way
    • Suburban Satellite. Tinker your way into deep space, one small cube at a time
    • and more…
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