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ABSTRAKT No. 10 - Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) - Bern (Schweiz)

ABSTRAKT No. 10 – Evolution (English)


Scenarios for future mankind

Our environment has changed hugely over the last 200 years. Affluence has risen all over the globe, the basic needs of a vast majority are satisfied, natural threats have been banished from many places. To some extent, we seem to have conquered the basic principle of evolution – natural selection. At the same time, however, in striving for a risk-free life we have created new threats. For example, the food surplus is leading to an increase in type 2 diabetes because we are still programmed to eat more than our hunger calls for. Digitisation raises stress levels, but not necessarily productivity.

What will man’s future look like in the light of this new environment? How far do the natural mechanisms of selection and survival of the fittest still apply? And to what extent can and should we influence our further development?

With articles by Thomas Junker, Gottfried Schatz, Liat Clark, Gerhard Roth, Bruce Sterling and Gerd Folkers.

Auch erhältlich in deutscher Sprache.

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