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ABSTRAKT No. 8 - Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) - Bern (Schweiz)

ABSTRAKT No. 8 – The Power of Making (English)


The rise of the do-it-yourself culture

After decades of life in the knowledge society, making is becoming the new ideal. More specifically: self-making. Arts and crafts markets are flourishing; knitting, cake-making, welding in the garage have become part of the modern lifestyle. At the same time, the technological advances of 3D printers are raising hopes of a new Industrial Revolution. And it may not be long before these machines will enable us to print everything we need at home – from toys through furniture to groceries. But what does the rediscovery of making actually mean to society, the economy and all of us? Is it hype? Or will the do-it-yourself culture lead to a more sustainable lifestyle in which we will only produce as much as we need?

With articles by Richard Sennett, Jack Roberts, Lino Guzzella, Gerd Folkers, David de Rothschild, Daniel Hirschmann, PeterLicht und Marc Dusseiller.

Auch erhältlich in deutscher Sprache.

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