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ABSTRAKT No. 9 - Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) - Bern (Schweiz)

ABSTRAKT No. 9 – The Big Community (English)

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Thoughts on the solidarity of tomorrow

With the increasing individualisation of society, the widening gaps between poor and rich, young and old, sick and healthy and the division of Europe into debtors and creditors, the call for solidarity is getting louder. But how can the sense of belonging together be restored in an increasingly fragmented world? Is it essential in any case? What types of solidarity are and will remain important? And what is the stuff that solidarity is actually made of?

With articles with and by Pascal Couchepin, Max Celko, Romano Strebel, Parag Khanna, Konrad Schmid, Barbara Bleisch, Burkhard Varnholt and Peter Krummenacher.

Auch erhältlich in deutscher Sprache.

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