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Another Escape Volume 1 bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Bern

Another Escape – Volume 1


With volume 1, we have been driven by people being imaginative, inquisitive and innovative in a diverse number of ways, people that are forward thinking and question the world around them (whatever that may be).

Inadvertently this led to the discussion of sustainability from various individuals, angles and viewpoints; sustainability was not a predetermined theme for this volume, but we have not shied away from the discussion either, and let it naturally manifest in the relevant articles and features. We hope that you enjoy this new style of Another Escape and its content, and that it is found to be inspiring and insightful.


Marzena Skubatz, Adam Bronkhorst, Jody Daunton, Pio De Rose, Leva Kwestany, Sophie Fox, Nick Ballon, Murray Ballard, Gabriella Rizzello


Daisy Hardman, Erin Buckley, Joe Hemming, Louise Wyatt, Louise Byng


Daniel Cooper, James Lucas, Martina Landucci, Leva Kwestany, Samuel Bradley, Sophie Fox, Louise Byng, Mubashir Khan

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