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Another Escape – Volume 3


Another Escape Volume 3 saw us take a new turn in our editorial direction. We began with a thematic stimulus, a single word, wood, to initiate an investigation into a selection of related narratives – stories of our affinity to the natural world, wood products and the great outdoors.

Our theme evolved and branched out; it led us to find a great breadth of fascinating and passionate people, working in a diverse range of practices and places – from a driftwood kayak builder, to a traditional Korean papermaker, to wilderness-foraging perfumers, to charcoal makers, to bamboo bicycle builders. We sought to produce a closely curated yet varied collection of stories. Where one story ends another begins, picking up and interweaving common threads to draw our readers through the publication.

In our new and very exciting (if we do say so ourselves) volume of Another Escape we delve deep into the various worlds of the characters that we feature. We learn of the history of Inuit kayak building from a boat builder in the Pacific Northwest. We are taken into the hills of Northern California with a unique team crafting fragrances from the natural world. And we learn of one woman’s journey to keep her Korean heritage alive in the form of Hanji papermaking.

These are just a few of the many exciting stories and articles that we have lined up for Another Escape Volume 3.


  • Adam Batchelor
  • Louise Byng
  • Elias Carlson
  • Jody Daunton
  • Andy Donohoe
  • Grace Helmer
  • Obi Kaufmann
  • Jack Latham
  • Aimee Lee
  • Jörg Marx
  • Nirav Patel
  • Laurie Ramsell

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