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Another Escape – Volume 5

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Another Escape Volume 5 is available now! Our summer edition, Volume Five: The Great Outdoors, includes the story of a fourth generation hiking boot-maker in Maine, USA and his much sought-after boots; a conversation with Jeffery Bowman, the co-editor of The Outsiders and The Great Wide Open, discussing the new outdoor culture and its influence on contemporary creative businesses. 

A collaboration with the DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association) exploring trail culture in the Norwegian Fjord regions – the waterways, the mountains, and unique landscapes –and the unique relationships that the Norwegian people have forged with their natural environments; an insight into the adventures of a thru-hiker on the North American trails; an exploration into sustainable living in an ecovillage in Wales and their integration of innovative green technology with the traditional smallholding model; and, a feature on young entrepreneur Alec Farmer, the founder of Scottish company Trakke, which uses local heritage material waxed-cotton to create beautiful and functional bags for both outdoor and urban adventures alike. These are amongst some of the exciting stories we have lined up for our new volume.

In this volume you'll find stories about

  • Adventuring the North American Trails with a Thru-hiker & Trail Specialist
  • Exploring Norwegian Terrain & the Fjord Region's Heritage & Way of Life
  • The Story of a Fourth Generation Hiking Boot Maker & His Sought-After Boots
  • Discussing Creative Entrepreneurship in a New Outdoor Culture
  • Exploring Sustainable Living in an Ecovillage in Wales


Lyndon Ashmore / Jeffrey Bowman / Choe Brereton / Elias Carlson / Jody Daunton / Brian Flaherty / Tyler 'Mac' Fox / Jack Haskell / Grace Helmer / Isaac Lane Koval / Greta Rybus

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