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Another Escape – Volume 6

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Another Escape Volume 6 is out now. In this volume we set off for Western Europe's High Alps to visit its wild, untamed mountains; there, we learn of the power of nature in snow-laden terrain and how to respect the mountain environment by better understanding it; we visit a wooden ski maker who has combined his passion for woodworking and love for the mountain, and explore both cartography and artistry in ski map making.

We travel to Iceland to understand the Icelandic affection for their natural environment and how living in a land of extremes inspires a considered way of life; we travel out to ancient lava fields with a geophysicist to better understand the island's volatile activity. We take a look at the qualities of natural fibres and the craftsmanship involved to make high-performance outerwear garments. We wrap up warm and venture out into chilly landscapes with four outdoor practitioners to understand how they stay motivated in the colder months; we step out onto the Cornish coast to understand how foraging, eating seasonal and reintroducing forgotten foods can keep us tethered to the natural world across the seasons.

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