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Beauty Papers – Issue 3

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Beauty Papers Issue 3 is out now. In this issue you’ll find an in depth cultural analysis and meditation on beauty today. A rejection of normative convention in favour of uniqueness and diversity. With wit, intellect and curiosity we’re exploring, questioning and challenging the world of beauty.

Celebrating uniqueness rather than conformity. We are drawn to contradiction and the beautiful uncertainty contained within. It creates the space for new perspectives and individual expression. It is a place for none but the brave, a place for dreams and dream makers.

In this issue Will Self muses upon the virtual oxymoron that is male beauty and we get to grips with death and find beauty in this absolute and finite act. Creative powerhouses Phyllis Posnick (American Vogue) and Malcolm Edwards bare their souls.

Sølve Sundsbø and Stéphane Marais explore the exquisite physicality of the brush stroke and the body combined. Veteran photographer Ian McKell finds beauty in a group of renegade inner city commune dwellers and eco warriors giving you a new definition of girls gone wild. Is it beautiful?

Different cover pages available.


Weight 920 gram

Available Mid April 2017

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