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Boneshaker Magazine – Issue 18

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Boneshaker Magazine Issue 18 is out now.

“I am at the edge
somewhere deeper in myself...”

So ends a poem you'll find lost amid these pages – and it touches on much of what this issue seems to revolve around: the unpredictable enriching that bicycles bring to life.

Smells and sounds. Newness and nostalgia. Lust for life kicks, pell-mell pelting against the clock, riding with newborns and new limbs, meanderings in Lesotho, Zanzibar, China and beyond, and a powerful reminder that cycling is so much more than a sport: this issue embraces the somewhere deeper, reaching for the serendipitous mystery that life on two wheels can become. It's escape and belonging, it's togetherness and solitude, it's sensory salvation.

Welcome to issue 18: another beautiful 100-pager, with foil-blocked covers illustrated by Riccardo Guasco.

Available early December 2016

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