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Boneshaker Magazine – Issue 4

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‘My Beautiful Bike’ by Minotaur Shock, an 8-page profile on the artisans of Portland, Oregon and more Slowcoast antics from Nick Hand. From bike workshops in Columbia, to tandem cycling for the visually impared, they have really gone to town on bringing you the most interesting and inspiring articles that will get you out on your bicycle, or even making something unique with its parts.


We never leave a rider behind, Breaking the chain, Thinking caps, My Beautiful Bike, Upcycling, Two's Company, Magnificent Revolution, Slowcoast Soundslide, El Taller del Mago, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Papergirl: The art of gift-giving, Work your muscle, ditch the engine, Gettin' Cross, Cycle-camping, Even the name is beautiful.

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