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Chickpea Magazine – Issue 20 (Summer 2016)


Chickpea Magazine Issue 20 (Summer 2016) is available now. This issue has 94 print pages that will inspire you get outside this summer.

Summer usually isn’t "our" cup of tea - as introverts who would rather read a book safely away from all the bugs and sunburns of summer, we normally live for the crispness of fall & spring. But as we branch out and meet new people, have new experiences, and look for better ways of passing time than sitting in front of the air conditioner, we’ve been craving the outdoors. We’d call this issue an ode to heading out. We found inspiration in the shade of a big tree, bright fragrant fruit, and finding the best in the most unexpected places. Here's to the wallflowers, the indoor aficionados, and those who are a little more than apprehensive to pack for a weekend picnic. We hope that you love this issue and find inspiration to head out this summer. 

Features in this issue

  • celebrating imperfect produce
  • grow one thing: greens
  • summer salads perfect for your picnic table
  • the everlasting effects of camp kindness
  • guerrilla gardening, a guide
  • how to travel with an omnivore
  • exploring vegan fast food
  • how to effortlessly incorporate the outdoors more in your life
  • beauty 101: brighten your plate & palette
  • summer drinks in mexico
  • how to prepare a picnic
  • making the most of your farmer's market
  • and much more!

Our faves from this issue...

  • Savory recipe: the crisp and creamy sesame salad
  • Sweet recipe: the mango cooler, inspired by Oaxaca Mexico
  • Notable feature: an introvert steps out and finds out more about herself in the process of traveling with an extrovert

Ships end of August 2016

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