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Collect Magazine – Issue 10

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Know your village
In South Australia’s far north is Roxby Downs – the town that mining built. Thrown into uncertainty after a billion dollar expansion of nearby Olympic Dam mine was cancelled, the town will pull through this time, but certainly has a limited life span.

Threads - Photo essay
A fisherman, a bi-plane pilot and a basket weaver walk into a bar ... Kate Elmes captures their day lives as she trips along the Coorong; a singular water system.

How we’d do it
The newspaper tells a city’s heart how to beat, so it’s a shame so many are dying a slow death. We offer a shot in the arm via an on-demand printing service.

Support your local - Heuriger
In Vienna, producers don’t lock themselves away. In the warmer months they throw open their doors and invite the public to sample their wares and have a chat.

Australia has a well-acknowledged identity crisis: Kingston Trinder tells us why and gives us hope that an end to our confusion could be in sight.

Mmm Food
Tom’s Diner has been a New York City icon for decades, for two reasons: The food is delicious, and the staff are actually pleased to see customers.

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