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Collect Magazine – Issue 5

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Know your village
COLLECT ventures out beyond the black stump to the oldest part of Australia, deep in the northern Flinders Ranges to survey its potential as a world-leading environment and culture brand that could rival The Great Barrier Reef, The Rockies or even Paris.

Threads - photo essay
The planet wears the earth like a skin and we humans have given it clothing in the form of our built environment. This issue, Threads looks at the marvellous city of Hong Kong with an eye for fashion in all things man-made.

How we’d do it
Upping the ante with its prescription for better everythings, COLLECT goes beyond the perfect business and designs every hour of the perfect 20-hour day in the world’s most desirable neighbourhood.

Essay - Christchurch, rising from the dust
An intimate essay from Christchurch native, Suzie Keen, gets under the skin of the earthquake- ravaged city in New Zealand.

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