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Collect Magazine – Issue 6

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Know your village
The open and friendly, up-and-coming Sydney neighbourhood of Erskineville has a rebellious past, and a progressive anti-authoritarian future.

Threads - Photo essay
Down by the ocean, sea salt mingles with chicken salt and the fish ‘n’ chip fryers work overtime. The uniforms in the chippies are just as delicious as the food.

How we’d do it
COLLECT reinvents a childhood summer favourite, the cinema, making it decidedly more adult.

Essay - 1983
It was a brief blaze of teenage glory that changed Andy Scott from a child into something much less innocent. COLLECT is privileged to publish the story of that summer in 1983.

Before binary - Still spinning
The UK’s last vinyl-only manufacturing plant has pulled the format out of the ’70s by reinvesting in the artistic side of music.

Mmm food - The real thing
Authentic Mexican food has hit Australia, and it’s being coaxed into Adelaide with the help of some backyard chefs.

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